Winter and Christmas Virtual Events

  1. Wreath Making Workshops

Wreaths are commonly known as a symbol and representation of eternal life, so it’s only fair to keep this tradition going forever! Make sure to not miss out and join in on our wreath making workshop, it’s the perfect thing to help jazz up and bring joy to any door or room! We will be providing you with all the equipment you will need such as the wreath base, a lovely selection of decorative ribbons, ornaments, garland and more! All we ask of you is to get comfortable, bring your creative spark, and spread that holiday cheer!

    2. Candle Making Workshops

I think you can agree that there is no such thing as having too many candles, and what better than to make your own! You get to decide the scent of your candle which makes it the perfect customisable gift for a loved one or the perfect addition to your candle collection! Once you see how easy and fun it is to make your own candle, you’ll never want to stop! So, grab yourself one of our DIY make-at-home kits which contains the candle jar, wick, essential oil of your choice and of course the soy wax, and tag along on our Candle Making Workshop!

   3. Cocktail Making Course

Looking to impress your guests this year for Christmas? We have just the thing to make you the perfect host … cocktails! We have put together a hamper with everything you will need to start your cocktail making journey. We want to give you the opportunity to learn how to make some impressive cocktails, so therefore, our hampers include an abundance of amazing cocktail mixers, some cheeky recipes, and of course the glorious cocktail shaker! The best part of it all is that you get left with some amazing drinks to enjoy after the cocktail making course, so make sure to join us!

   4. Mulled Wine & Mulled Cider Class

Tis the season to be Joly, and what’s more Joly than mulled wine and mulled cider! If you’d like to learn how to make your own mulled wine and mulled cider, be sure to join us on our online virtual interactive class! This class is sure to leave you in a festive spirit with an added bonus of making your home smell like a Christmas paradise. Pick up one of our already prepared hampers which will have all the spices, wine and cider that you will need for a Joly evening!

   5. Craft Beer Profiling Masterclass

No Pub no problem! Now is the perfect time to experiment with different beer profiles, and we have just the hamper for you! Our Craft Beer Profiling hamper is filled with some of our top of the range beers which are sent straight to your door! Our masterclass will be hosted by one of our beer sommeliers who will give you all his expertise on beer profiling, just make sure to pop the cans in the fridge a couple of hours before the masterclass for the ultimate beer experience!

   6. Online Escape Room

We’ve got a mystery and need YOUR help to solve it! If you love solving puzzles and finding clue’s then this is the perfect event for you. You will join a team of other detectives and fight against the clock to try gather as many clues as you can. You will have to work your way through challenging scenarios, but if you think you can be the one to hack this unsolved case then be sure to join us for our Online Escape Room!

   7. Online Team Quiz with Prizes

Pub quizzes are definitely missed, but fear not, we are hosting our own Online Team Quiz Event where you and your friends can join together as a team and compete against others to win the range of prizes on offer! The online team quiz will have a special theme which will be announced on the day along with many other fun surprises! If you and your team think you’ve got what it takes to win then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!

   8. Pottery: Paint your own mug or plate

Looking for a fun and relaxing activity to help unwind after a long day? Join us for our pottery virtual interactive event! You will get the chance to paint and create your own unique mug or plate which makes a great keepsake or personalised gift for that special someone in your life. To save you from having to buy everything, we have an already prepared hamper with a ceramic mug, plate, paintbrushes and paint which we will ship straight to your door!

   9. Gingerbread House Making Classes

A Christmas season spent without building a gingerbread house is a missed opportunity! So, don’t miss out on showing off your amazing design skills and come join us in our Gingerbread house making class! Not only do you get to compete against your friends to see who makes the best gingerbread house, but you also get left with a beautiful creation to snack on throughout the week! Make sure to pick up one of our hampers filled with the delicious gingerbread house pieces, ready-made icing and endless decorative treats!

   10. Create your own festive hot chocolate

There’s nothing better than popping a movie on at the end of the day and having a cosy hot chocolate. To get you in the Christmas spirit and to help you step up your hot chocolate game we present you with our festive hot chocolate masterclass! In this masterclass you will join our host who will provide you with some fantastic ways to spice up your hot chocolate and make those movie evenings all that more festive! Grab our hot chocolate hamper in which you will get our indulgent hot chocolate mix, a festive mug and of course an amazing selection of toppings!

   11. Pizza Making Kit

I’m sure we have all had our fair share of take-away pizza, but nothing beats home-made pizza! It’s so easy and delicious to make, the best part of it all is that you can put as many toppings of your choice on the pizza as you want! Get your hands on our pizza making kit including the pizza dough, our delicious organic pizza sauce and can’t forget the best part… the toppings!

   12. Wine & Cheese Tasting Kit

A night in front of the fireplace, a glass of the finest wine and a selection of cheeses to nibble on throughout the night … does that not sound like the perfect evening? If it does, then we have the perfect thing for you! Our wine and cheese tasting kit are filled with a gorgeous bottle of wine from one of our local winemakers and a divine selection of cheeses with a special Christmas cheese flavour that you definitely need to try! Make sure to not miss out and get your hands on this kit!

   13. Brownie, Cookie & Babka Making Kit

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you someone that loves to bake or want to impress your friends and family with some delicious baked goods? Look no further! Our Brownie, Cookie and Babka making kit is sure to satisfy all your sweet cravings with enough to share around! Each kit has exactly the ingredients that you’ll need to bake all three treats, it’s all measured out for ease and to minimise food waste! Make sure to grab one this Christmas season, they make great gifts too!

   14. Burger Creations Class

Don’t know what to have for dinner tonight? Don’t you worry, we have taken the stress away of finding something to cook and have got you sorted! All the ingredients are locally sourced and selected to be in our hamper for your ease, everything you will need to follow along with our Burger Creations Class will be in that hamper, no fuss at all! The Burger Creations Class will be hosted by one of our fantastic local chefs who will guide you through step by step to make the juiciest and flavourful burger, you will definitely want the recipes so make sure to join in!

   15. Wines Masterclass

Whether it’s white, red, sparkling or sweet, we have a hamper and event for all you wine fanatics! Our wine hamper has a selection of finely picked wines from our local winemakers which are sure worth a try! And yes, there will be full sized bottles of different types of wines to taste, so be sure to pick one up, and make sure you have no plans for the next day! If you would like to learn more about the origins of the wines and proper wine tasting etiquette, we are also hosting a wines masterclass alongside the hamper which we’d love for you to join!

   16. Whiskey Tasting Kit

We’ve got an amazing selection of whiskey from one of our fan favourite whiskey producers that we know you’re going to love! Whether you’re a whiskey lover, want to try out different spirits, or know someone that would love this hamper be sure to pick up our whiskey tasting kit! This hamper has six different types of whiskeys to try and comes an extra gift of two whiskey glasses, and for extra ease, this hamper is shipped straight to your door so order soon!

   17. Gin & Tonic Masterclass

Knowing which tonic goes best with which gin is an art in itself. If you would like to become a master in G&T’s and impress your friends and family this Christmas with some great tasting drinks, then we have just the class for you! Our Gin & Tonic Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to get that balance right when making the famous G&T but wait … there’s more! We are also offering one of our Gin & Tonic hampers which go hand in hand with the masterclass. In this hamper you will receive a range of different tonics and gin flavours to help you put into action everything that you learn in the class!

   18. Other Cooking Masterclasses

Contemplating what to cook for that all-important Christmas dinner? Want to learn all the cooking tips and tricks to make sure everything goes smoothly on that special evening? Fear no more because we are hosting our Other Cooking Masterclasses where you will be able to cook alongside a skilled chef. Alongside this masterclass we will send you some great recipe cards which you will be able to reach to whenever you need some cooking inspiration, make sure to join us!

   19. Picture Painting Masterclasses

Are your walls looking a little bit empty? Do your rooms need something added for that extra artistic touch? Then what are you waiting for! Come join us for our picture painting masterclasses where you can release your creative mind and compose some amazing paintings. Whether you are painting something to present in your home, or whether you want to create something for a special gift this Christmas, we guarantee you will enjoy the masterclasses on offer.

   20. Knitting Workshop

With the weather getting colder day by day, it is important to stay warm and cosy this Christmas. And what is cosier than a nice knitted piece of clothing! Want to learn how to knit this Christmas season so you can create endless fashion items then be sure to join our knitting workshop! Don’t have any knitting supplies? Don’t worry! We have put together a hamper filled with everything you may need to start your fashion designer journey such as; knitting needles and a variety of coloured organic cotton wool. Make sure to pick up a hamper and join in on our upcoming workshop!

   21. Paint your own T-shirt

Sometimes it’s difficult to find that one piece of clothing that you’ve had in your mind while online shopping, that’s why what better than to make it yourself! In our paint your own T-shirt class you can create unique pieces of clothing which only you will have! Make sure to pick up one of our hampers which will include a plain T-shirt, paint brushes and acrylic paint and start creating!

   22. Design your own baseball cap

Looking for a fun afternoon or evening activity? Well look no further, we’ve got just the thing for you! Designing your own baseball cap is not only a fun activity to help you unwind, but it will leave you with a personalised baseball cap that you could rock! You could even customise it for a friend and gift it to them for Christmas! If this sounds like something you will enjoy then don’t wait up! Order one of our hampers including a plain baseball cap, different pins and iron on designs and join us for our online virtual interactive event!

   23. Team Karaoke with Entertainment

Gather a group of friends and release your inner Mariah Carey this Christmas! Our Team karaoke event is guaranteed fun and laughter, and who knows, you may even find a hidden talent of yours! If singing is not really your thing but you still want to join in on the fun, then don’t worry! The virtual interactive event will have extra entertainment alongside the team karaoke with a possible surprise guest! Make sure to not miss out and book a place early!

   24. Flower Arranging Class

Most our time is spent indoors at the moment, but no one told us that we cannot bring outside nature inside. Make sure to brighten up every room in your house with plants and flowers and join us for our flower arranging class to learn how to design the perfect bouquet! We will provide you with a hamper filled with a selection of freshly picked flowers and a classy vase shipped straight to your front door!

   25. Team Yoga or Sports Class

It is so important to stay active, but it can sometimes be difficult to squeeze a bit of activity into your busy day to day lives. Make sure to join our team yoga class which Is sure to relax the mind and help to build flexibility! If yoga is not for you then don’t worry, we have a range of other different sport classes on offer, one of which is sure to catch your interest! These classes will be great to introduce activity back into your life and are perfect to share with friends and family this holiday season!

   26. Charades / Movie Night with Snacks

If you are someone that loves acting, team games and watching movies then we have the perfect online virtual interactive event for you! Our Charades and Movie Night event is sure to bring a lot of fun, it will be Christmas themed and we have even made a personalised hamper with a selection of delicious savoury and sweet snacks to accompany you throughout the movie. Feel free to dress up as your favourite Christmas movie character and spread that Christmas cheer!

   27. Puzzle Workshops

Gather your friends and family for an evening of problem solving and brain teasers! Our puzzle workshops are sure to put your knowledge to the test! You could even split into teams with your friends and family members to compete and see who wins the ultimate ‘Puzzle Champion’ title! We are also offering our puzzle hamper filled with an abundance of puzzle books, mind games and a special Christmas edition jigsaw puzzle! This is sure to bring endless fun this Christmas season so make sure to join our puzzle workshop and grab a limited-edition hamper!

   28. Variety of Interactive Games

Keep your brain power ticking over this holiday season with our online interactive gaming sessions! Great family fun and the perfect activity to pass by the Christmas Countdown! Our online sessions will provide games that are challenging, fun and easy to learn so you can play again with others in a safe and socially distanced environment this Christmas. Be sure to not miss out on the fun and join in!

   29. Build your Own Bear Workshop

Are you struggling to find a present for your younger siblings, friends or even something special for yourself? Our build your Own Bear Workshop will allow you to put your creative skills to the test to create a personalised and unique stuffed toy. We will provide you with a hamper that includes the fabric pieces, stuffing, and buttons for that decorative touch. If you have any left-over fabric, be sure to dress up your bear with some handmade fashionable pieces! We’d love for you to join our Build your Own Bear Workshop!

   30. Mindful Sketching Class

Need something to take the stress out of your day? Mindful sketching is a great technique to slow down your busy schedule and focus on the present moment in time through transferring your focus on what you are drawing. Our Mindful Sketching Class will be hosted by a trained professional who will explain the importance of taking a break once in a while and teaching the benefits of the meditative practise of Mindful Sketching. Don’t have the tools? Don’t worry, we have put together a hamper filled with a sketch book, top of the range pens and pencils and a lovely soundtrack that you could listen to whilst mindful sketching. Be sure to book your place and join us for this class!

   31. Snow Globe & Jar Making

Want to turn your house into a Christmas wonderland? We’ve got just the workshop for you! Our Snow Globe & Jar Making workshop will teach you how to make some fabulous decorative pieces to place around the house or even gift to someone special! Make sure to pick up one of our hampers filled with empty jars, Christmas figures, and lots of glitter! With this hamper you will be all set to join in on our Snow Globe & Jar Making workshop to follow along with one of our specialists who will guide you in creating your own masterpieces!

   32. Toy Painting

Want to make your toys personalised and one of a kind this Christmas? This Toy Painting class could be perfect for you! We’ll provide everything you need, from brushes to paint and of course, a plainly coloured toy to work on. Once you have all the materials, you’ll be able to join our online class to learn the basics and see a live demonstration of how a toy is brought to life! After that it’s down to you, be sure to add your own personal touch for something unique!

   33. Story Telling from a Character or Santa

Come join us for a night of fairy tales, adventure and more! Makes sure to grab our special hamper filled with all your favourite Christmas stories and a range of different goodies that will make this Christmas season all that more exciting! This hamper would make a great gift for anyone who loves to read and as an added bonus they get to join in on our Story Telling from a Character or Santa virtual event where they can follow along with some favourite Christmas stories!

   34. Live Singer or Gospel Choir

Do you love music and are longing for live entertainment to become available again? Wait no more because we are hosting our Christmas special online event where you and your loved ones can enjoy our talented live singers and Gospel Choir. Our live entertainers will perform some of their lovely songs and of course some Christmas carols in between to keep everyone in the Christmas spirit! Make sure to book your place quick as these are sure to be a fan favourite!

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