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Manchester confidential

The organisers will be bringing their own trucks and stalls, including converted horse-boxes, 60s French Citroen H vans, caravans, pick-up trucks, Italian Piaggios, Thai tuk tuks and US ambulances to Manchester.

So the ‘street food’ trend marches on into 2015 showing no signs of slowing with another Manchester ‘food party’ to add to the fray – Urban Food Fest hits Deansgate on Saturday 28 February. The event has wound its way to Manchester from London where, of course, the UK first saw the likes of these ‘urban’, ‘street’, ‘filthy’, ‘dirty’ food parties (starting to sound like a Guardian hip-hop review, isn’t it?) – having lifted the idea from the NYC’s food truck scene of the early ’10s.

The Urban Food Fest comes highly recommended via MTV, The Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph, all of whom loved it. Manchester will be their first operation outside of London. Becoming a trend that…

The event – launched in Shoreditch (where else?) in 2013 – will be held on Deansgate’s Euro Car Park (opposite the Deansgate pub) and will take place every Saturday night between 5pm and midnight until October – entry is free. Urban Food Fest will feature fifteen different street food trucks and stalls serving ‘gourmet global street food dishes’, a premium bar and cocktail bar, seating and live music.

We’re told the food on offer will include: British pork sliders, Venezuelan grilled chicken & black bean arepas, Italian ham and basil wood fired pizza, Mexican BBQ beef & hot sauce burritos, Middle Eastern falafel wraps, Spanish chorizo & chicken paella, chipotle chilli venison & slaw, tofu hot dogs with jalape├▒os & melted red cheese, Peruvian chorip├ín with chimichurri and Greek lamb souvlaki with halloumi & charred red pepper. Fair bit to go off there.

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