On the hunt for that one ingredient which is sure to make any sweet and savoury meal taste 100 times better? We are here to share this secret with you … Billington’s! Billington’s is a company which has been working since 1977 when they started importing sugar of the highest quality – the Mauritian unrefined brown sugars which they are famous for today in order to offer the best tasting ingredients to your kitchen. Billington’s craft their sugars with precision, time and care. Using their skills in stopping the process at exactly the right time, to create the many different types, flavours and colours that make Billington’s full spectrum of sugar. This is something that is important to retain more of the cane sugar’s natural depth of colour and flavour.

Not all brown sugars are the same. Many are white sugars with an added brown coating for colour and a little flavour. Billington’s unrefined brown sugars are produced at source, with the aim of locking in, rather than refining out, the natural molasses of the sugar cane. It is this difference that gives Billington’s its unique richness, aroma, depth of flavour and natural colour. Only Billington’s Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar locks in and retains more of the cane’s natural depth of flavour. It is this difference that will make your creations taste much more glorious.

Billington’s have developed strong and trusted partnerships with suppliers around the world, with a joint focus on producing the finest quality sugars. This is especially apparent in Mauritius, where for many years Billington’s has worked closely with local growers and sugar mills to create the finest natural soft brown baking sugars available. In turn, Billington’s have contributed towards the socio-economic development of the island. By adding genuine value through processing and packing in the country of origin, Billington’s ethically sourced sugars have made an important difference, contributing significantly to the welfare of the people by providing employment and livelihoods for many on the island. Billington’s is proud to say that their ethically sourced sugars have made an important difference to the cane-producing communities of Mauritius. They work closely with their partners, the Mauritian Sugar Syndicate, who represent the interests of all growers and sugar mills on the island, to ensure that all Billington’s Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar is traded fairly, with returns equally distributed providing increased revenue to thousands of small cane growers. Billington’s source their products with integrity, working with partners who adhere to their high ethical, technical and social standards.

Here at Urban Food Fest, we respect and support Billington’s standards, principles and ethical stance and are very excited to share their great range of sugars with you! Keep reading to find some fantastic ingredients which you could incorporate into your cooking to impress with every meal! Billington’s range include:

VERY DARK MAPLE SYRUP: With wonderfully rich caramelised notes, this maple syrup is glorious to cook with, adding a delicious depth of flavour to sticky glazed hams, root vegetables, pecan pies and cheesecakes.

AMBER MAPLE SYRUP: With exceedingly buttery caramel notes, this maple syrup is absolutely delicious drizzles over pancakes, waffles, porridge and ice-cream.

DARK & RICH HONEY: This honey has a delicious rich vine fruity flavour and makes wonderfully moist cakes, soft in the middle biscuits and indulgent cheesecakes.

LIGHT & MILD HONEY: With a fresh fruity flavour, this honey adds a delicious sweetness to gooey flapjacks, sticky energy balls and makes wonderfully moist cakes.

CRYSTALS FOR COFFEE: Specially selected for their delicate caramel notes, the large sugar crystals dissolve slowly to infuse their full flavour, deliciously complementing your coffee.

SUGAR FOR COFFEE: This is the perfect sugar to pair with your coffee. Having rich caramel notes, it works in harmony, perfectly complementing the taste of your coffee.

GOLDEN ICING: Perfect for butter cream and frosting for your cupcakes and celebration cakes.

GOLDEN GRANULATED: Replaces white sugar naturally, for everyday use in tea and coffee or with cereal or fruit.

GOLDEN CASTER: An everyday, versatile sugar perfect for all sorts of baking from delicious sponge cakes to crunchy biscuits.

DEMERARA: Try this crunchy rich-flavoured sugar in your crumble toppings and caramelised on crème brulée for a perfect finish.

Make sure to check out or follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out about the other wonderful products they have on offer, as well as some great recipe inspiration where you can incorporate these fantastic tastes!

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