Join the Stroodles-Movement

Forget plastic and soggy paper drinking straws! If you want to enjoy your favourite cocktail, soda or smoothie but still want to be considerate of the footprint you’re leaving behind, Stroodles Pasta straws are the perfect straws for you. Made of wheat and water their straws are not only edible but also biodegradable. As Pasta decomposes in a day it is way better for the environment than paper that takes at least a month, or plastic that never fully biodegrades. If that sounds great to you but you’re a little bit worried about the pasta affecting the taste of your favourite cocktail, we’ve got good news for you! Stroodles straws don’t have a distinct taste and therefore don’t affect the flavour of your drink at all. The straws stay strong and don’t lose their shapes for well over an hour in all sorts of drinks, including fizzy, ice-cold ones and even in cocktails with strong ingredients like whiskey or gin . Stroodles are ideal for freshly squeezed juices, soft drinks, smoothies and spirits.

Maxim founded Stroodles on the belief that there must be a better way to enjoy your drink whilst not leaving a footprint on the earth that will take generations to disappear. He knows that Stroodles can inspire people to create easy solutions to daily decisions to reduce plastic consumption. By offering a natural product beyond compromise in quality and functionality, Mr Stroodles himself came up with a positive step in the right direction. 

Urban Food Fest is super excited to be part of the Stroodles movement. Every drink you have at our street food market in Shoreditch will be served with a Stroodles straw. So come down to one of our markets and have a refreshing drink paired with a Stroodles pasta straw as well as some delicious street food. 

Join Mr Stroodles and Urban Food Fest in the Stroodles-movement and get inspired on how easy it is to do good, one Stroodle at a time!