Get ready for your next office party!

With Christmas coming up, everyone wants to get their office party ready. This year why not serving some delicious and totally insta-worthy street food to make your event the talk of the town.

But office parties are not only for Christmas. Even though we at Urban Food Fest don’t need a reason to celebrate we came up with some for you. No matter if it’s your company’s anniversary, a networking event or you simply want to celebrate your company’s success we’d love to come up with some ideas to make your office party the event of the year. 

First of all you should decide on where you want to celebrate your office party. There are lots of benefits to holding events in your own office space. Not only would you not have to worry about having to source a venue. As it’s your own space you also have less restrictions. And the best thing is none of your employees have any excuses not to come. If you have an outside area it would also be nice to hold your office party there. This would be the perfect opportunity to hire a street food truck as an extra eye-catcher for your guests. 

The most important thing is to make sure you make your office party fun. The last thing you’d want is enforced small-talk and stale sandwiches. Not only does everyone love street food but a street food truck is also always a fun element for your office party. 

Another reason for street food is its endless variety. Whether you want to treat your guests with some delicious Asian noodles or some mouth-watering burgers there’s nothing you can’t find in a street food truck. Other than that is the fact that street food is also served fresh – so none of your guests can complain about cold food! Even your vegetarian employees will be very happy about the choice of street food for your office party. As all street food dishes can be easily personalised for each of your guests, everyone will be pleased. But not only your guests should be happy about the choice – as street food catering is very budget friendly you should be more than happy to save some money and still treat your employees to a much deserved unique office party.

Your party catering isn’t the only thing Urban Food Fest can help you with! Not only will quirky food trucks be an eyecatcher for your event. We’re also more than happy to provide your office party with some beautiful vintage furniture. Our vintage furniture collection includes beautiful vintage chairs, tables, benches and much more. Especially our cosy vintage armchairs, outstanding Ludlow chairs, antique suitcases and colourful plant pots bring a very special touch to every event.

So once food and furniture are set there’s only one thing missing. Of course you don’t want to hold an office party without drinks! But not to worry, Urban Food Fest has got this covered and we’re more than happy to help you out. You can choose from our vintage wooden bars or our signature flowery bar to serve your guests the most delicious cocktails, wine and much much more.

So if you think your employees deserve an extra special Christmas party this year, don’t hesitate to contact the Urban Food Fest team via email at or give us a ring on 02075633021. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!