Expand your culinary delights at our street food market!

Just in case you didn’t know – we from Urban Food Fest engage street food traders serving street food dishes from all around the world. That basically means that there is any street food dish you could possibly imagine at our street food markets! From Caribbean street food to Greek or Indian street food, we promise you’ll expand your culinary delights in terms of street food! There’s honestly nothing you can’t find at an Urban Food Fest street food market. You are indeed spoilt for choice at our street food markets! As you can see, our Street Food Market serves every craving for Street Food that you could possibly think of, and much more! We can assure you that you’ll discover so many new street food dishes you’ve never seen before on our Street Food Market. You will be impressed by the variety of London that you will find on our Street Food Market. The best part of it: our street food is always freshly-made in front of your eyes by the best street food traders! As a matter of course, we also offer the best drinks and sweet treats at our street food markets! Take a look! 




You don’t have to worry about overcrowded seating areas at our popular street food markets as we offer the best possible seating areas in order to create the best possible street food experience at our street food markets! We offer vintage chairs as well as vintage tables. You can’t imagine how popular our vintage furniture is! Our vintage furniture turns our Street Food Market into a unique and extraordinary place so that you can have an unforgettable street food experience. If you would like to share your unique street food market experience with your friends and family members then make sure to hire our vintage furniture for any private occasion you could think of! You can hire our vintage furniture for every private event taking place. From vintage tables and vintage chairs to old-fashioned boxes, vintage bars, vintage armchairs, and much much more! Feel free to combine our vintage furniture the way you want – there are thousands of possibilities to make your event look as special as possible. Not convinced yet? Come by at our street food markets and grab your friends to find out why our Street Food Markets are a popular place to have fun and to make new street food experiences and make sure to take a look at our vintage furniture in order to hire for special occasions.  




So what are you waiting for? Come by at our street food markets and order a mouthwatering street food dish and a self-made cocktail while you enjoy your street food. In doing so, take a seat at our beautiful vintage furniture in order to get the best street food experience! You can hire our vintage furniture for private events as well! Don’t hesitate to talk to our staff at the street food markets, we assure you you won’t be disappointed! 




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