Enjoy The Perfect Cocktail @ Our Street Food Markets

Hi there!

Are you searching for a new location that creates and serves the best possible cocktails? Then why don’t you join our street food markets that we operate in many borough’s in London and across UK? While you enjoy the variety of various traders which come from all over the world to present you street food at it’s finest, take a seat on our beautiful vintage furniture at our street food markets while you enjoy your mouth-watering hot street food. After you finished your street food, make sure to taste one of so many sweet treats that our traders offer at our street food markets! But first, take a look at our cocktails at our street food markets:



There’s honestly nothing you can’t find at an Urban Food Fest street food market. Another street food cuisine that is getting more and more popular at the moment is the Greek one at our street food market. No one can really say no to a tasty pita wrap filled with succulent meats, chilli fries, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki dressing. As you can tell, our street food is absolutely delicious! Of course we can’t forget about all of the different Asian street food options. By now, we should be able to continue with the street food that we offer at our street food markets: 



A little reminder: All of our vintage furniture is available to rent, with or without our street food trucks. If you want to make your event just that little bit more special and amaze your friends and family our vintage collection can make that happen for you, because we believe it is all about the detail. So go ahead and hire our vintage furniture to use it as ceramic flowerpots for your table decorations, embossed ice buckets for your booze, signage boards, or our floral cocktail bar. Check out our gallery of vintage furniture available to hire on the Urban Food Fest website. We are proud to announce that we even offer street food trucks – empty or filled with street food for catering! Let me show you: