The Urban Food Fest is London’s newest street food night market in the centre of Shoreditch. Every weekend you’ll find 15 of the coolest street food trucks. We visited Saturday and were lucky enough to try all of them (I know, I know!!) and can whole heartedly recommend The halloumi wrap & triple cooked feta chips. Or Chapatti’s filled with all the best bits of an Indian feast.

We pinned down the Urban Food Fest founder to ask a few questions….

Can you tell us a bit more about why you set up the fest?

“I thought the Fest seemed like it would be a lot of fun to do: tasting street food, listening to great bands and having a party every Saturday night to which I could invite all my friends!”

Sounds like the perfect reason to us! So what do you think makes a good food fest?

“For me, The Urban Food Fest has all the elements of a perfect Fest and Saturday night out: 15 delicious street food trucks serving gourmet cheap dishes, cocktails, wine, beer, live music and fantastic entertainment such as massage girls, face painting and caricature artists; as well as being able to meet lots of new people. The Urban Food Fest is a destination party venue.”

If you didn’t get peoples attention with cheap dishes and cocktails you definitely have with massage girls! Why did you choose Euro Car Parks as your location?

“Being in the heart of Shoreditch, opposite the famous Shoreditch House and 30 seconds from Shoreditch Overground Station, and 5 minutes from Liverpool Street Station – it speaks for itself.

There are so many great names there and lots that many will recognise. 2013 has definitely been a year of the rise of the food vendor, and especially food fests, in London. Where do you think things will go in 2014? Is it a scene that’s going to grow or will it get replaced by another foody trend?

“Everyone loves cheap but delicious home-cooked food, with the possibility to try crazy dishes such as frogs legs. With the live music and the opportunity to meet new people on a Saturday night, I don’t see the street food trend dying anytime soon!”

Is food the most important thing at a food fest?

“On a night out everyone likes good food, cheap drinks and a good time. The Fest encompasses all these things, meaning there is something for everyone!”

If you had to snog / marry / kill 3 food trucks, Who and what would you do?

“Haha good question… I adore each and every one of my food traders. I hand pick the vans and stalls that come to the event, so I love them all!”

Ahhh, good cop out! Thanks – see you (again) Saturday!

Get into the carnival spirit with Urban Food Fest’s ‘Rastaraunt’.

Featuring 15 street food trucks & stalls serving: “Reggae” slow cooked, smoked jerk chicken, “Calypso” Jamaican goat curry, “Carnival Queen” Venezuelan arepas with sticky pulled pork & crispy fried plantains, “Dreadlocks” Mexican beef brisket tacos & red hot tomato salsa, “Limbo” Cajun spiced frog’s legs, “Creole Soul” charcoal-grilled flatbreads with chilli lamb skewers & in the V corner vegan “Rasta Pasta” with marinated tofu crumble & wild mushrooms.

Carnival desserts include “Island Feast” grilled pineapple custard tarts & “Tropical Paradise” coconut & banana-cream crêpes.

The Urban Food Fest bar will be serving craft beers, cider, international wines & prosecco, alongside bespoke carnival cocktails including the “Levi’s Roots Love” Caribbean rum, coconut water & lime cocktail & the “Shoreditch Carnival” Firestarter vodka, raspberry & summer strawberries topped with vodka foam cocktail.